Pure White


Brassica oleracea F1

Brassica Condor series comprises two excellent varieties that complement each other in timing so that growers can programme top-quality Brassica production earlier and later in the season. Condor Early White is faster to flower, with pink shading developing as the flower ages. Condor Pure White has a long-lasting white colour at room temperatures. Both Condor varieties have strong, upright stems for an optimum height/quality ratio.

  • Duo-series for earlier and later production
  • Easier to get plant height than competitive varieties
  • Highly uniform production
  • Less bending at the bottom part of the stem for taller high quality cut flower production
  • Long lasting white colour at indoor temperatures
  • Less leaf count than competitive varieties
i80-100 cm
bCut Flowers
jCool, dry, airtight 8-10°C