Helianthus annuus F1

Sunbright was bred for early flowering under short day conditions and low temperatures. Therefore, they excel in cool seasons and are very useable when the days are shorter and temperatures are lower. All of Sakata's sunflowers are of uniflora type and pollen free.

  • F1 hybrid quality
  • Pollenless, uniflora type
  • Bred for large flower production under low nitrogen, low light level and low temperature conditions
  • Faster flowering under short days
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor production systems
  • Uniform and vigorous under low temperature and short days
  • Holds up extremely well in long distance shipping
  • Less susceptible to Botrytis at harvesting stage
i80-160 cm
bCut Flowers
jCool, dry, airtight 8-10°C