Magic Carpet


A tough, durable plant that is loaded with a continuous supply of bright yellow flowers all season long. Magic Carpet features a semi-mounding habit that is eye-catching at retail. Because it is both frost and heat tolerant, it is an ideal season extender for early and late sales.

  • Extremely early to bloom
  • Bright yellow blooms blanket plants all season long
  • Durable along garden paths, in high traffic areas and between pavers
  • Superb in baskets and as a component plant in mixed containers
  • Versatile in production - can be produced in any size from 6 cm pack up to hanging baskets
cPatio, bedding, mix containers, hanging baskets
eMounding - spreading
i15-20 cm
g20-25 cm
dFull sun - shade
s6 packs, 9 cm - hanging baskets