Blushing Pink
Crimson Red
Light Yellow
Neon Rose


x Petchoa hybrida

SuperCal®, with its ideal combination of Petunia and Calibrachoa traits, is the ideal solution for the landscape. It is pH tolerant, day length neutral and can be grown cool. Plants are fairly compact and well-branching, and the low mounding, spreading habit means that they fills in fast in beds. Unlike standard Petunia, it really holds up in all kinds of weather, constantly producing masses of medium sized flowers. Maintenance is barely needed – the non-sticky foliage means that older flowers drop easily from the plants, with a new cover already in place. After the rain, SuperCal® stays fresh and full of colour.

* SuperCal is a Registered TradeMark

  • Features large flowers in vibrant colours
  • Early flowering and low temperature requirement for cost-effective production
  • Strong roots minimize disease and pH problems
  • Better heat tolerance than both Petunia and Calibrachoa
  • Looks great at retail and performs extremely well in the garden through the heat of Summer
  • Leaves are not sticky so old blooms drop cleanly
  • Excellent weather tolerance - flowers rebound quickly after rain
  • Ideal for baskets and mixed containers as well as beds
cPatio, bedding and hanging baskets
eUpright-mounding - trailing
i25-30 cm
g40-50 cm
dFull sun - half shade
s12-15 cm