Gerbera jamesonii F1
Colours available : 10
Gebera Festival Apricot with EyeLow quality45,9KBMedium quality91,4KBHigh quality352,4KB
Gerbera Festival BlushLow quality118,3KBMedium quality244,8KBHigh quality949,6KB
Gerbera Festival Dark Eyed MixLow quality128,3KBMedium quality262,2KBHigh quality970,4KB
Gerbera Festival Yellow with EyeLow quality63,5KBMedium quality130,7KBHigh quality532,6KB
Gerbera Festival Cherry with EyeLow quality154,6KBMedium quality360,4KBHigh quality1,58MB
Gerbera Festival Neon Rose with EyeLow quality52,8KBMedium quality117,1KBHigh quality494,3KB
Gerbera Festival OrangeLow quality182,1KBMedium quality417,6KBHigh quality1,6MB
Gerbera in PotLow quality304,8KBMedium quality741,8KBHigh quality2,17MB
Gerbera Festival Pink Shades with EyeLow quality50KBMedium quality99,6KBHigh quality291,8KB
Gerbera Festival Red with EyeLow quality38,4KBMedium quality79,4KBHigh quality307,7KB