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Platycodon Astra is one of the SuperStars of Sakata’s pot plant assortment. Unique, eye-catching and reliable for top-quality performance, Astra has become a firm favourite with growers, retailers and consumers. With its large eye-catching star-shaped flowers Astra is an attractive gift plant. Astra is an excellent impulse item for gifts or just take-home. Astra, the shining star for modern mixed combinations and highlight patio containers.

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Lighting: Astra is the ideal indoor and outdoor pot plant. Place Astra in a very light spot in your living room or on the terrace.

Temperature: The plant flowers best between 10° and 26° celcius.

Water: Water the plant regularly to make sure that the plant does not dry out and leaves do not yellow. However, do not give the plant too much water, just keep the soil moist. The best way to water the plant is by placing it on a dish with water until the top layer of the soil is moist. Give plant food to get beautiful dark green leaves.

Tip: Remove dead flowers, then Astra will bloom longer.


Astra is available from mid-April to September. For trade inquiries please contact

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