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Garden success has never been simpler with easy-to-plant, easy-to-grow SunPatiens®. The thicker petals and tough foliage are less prone to disease, and their strong sturdy stems tolerate high heat and humidity, rain and adverse weather conditions.

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Sakata brand
Sakata brand


The popularity of Lisianthus, The Special Flower, continues to grow and grow. Consumers love the fine, elegant look of single varieties or versatile double Lisianthus, the ‘Rose without Thorns’. Fringed and ruffled special types complete the wide assortment, with a Lisianthus suitable for every occasion. 

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The new generation for the pot and patio! Petchoa ‘BeautiCal®’ has a mounded plant habit with large flowers, and is incredibly weather tolerant with exceptional rain resistance. Popular for its unique colours and abundant flowering. The exceptional colours will be an absolute WOW on retail benches.

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Sakata brand
Sakata brand


Calipetite® is a breakthrough in Calibrachoa breeding. It is a naturally compact mound of colour that grows into a dense ball without any need for growth regulators or supplemental lightning. This eye-catching series is ideal for colour bowls, and had irresistible retail sales appeal.

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All weather Begonia Viking and Viking XL series are developed for use in large showy garden containers and as an optimal landscaping performer. Continuous flowering and a range of colours, including specialities like Scarlet and Coral Flame, make this spectacular new hybrid Begonia an exciting invasion on the market!

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Sakata brand
Sakata brand


The market leading series with the widest range available. Our Cape Daisy® series features core main colours as well as unique novelties to differentiate your assortment from the mainstream production. Cape Daisy®, more than 25 years the original and best!

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Platycodon Astra is one of the SuperStars of Sakata’s pot plant assortment. Unique, eye-catching and reliable for top-quality performance, Astra has become a firm favourite with growers, retailers and consumers. With its large eye-catching star-shaped flowers Astra is an attractive gift plant. Astra is an excellent impulse item for gifts or just take-home. Astra, the shining star for modern mixed combinations and highlight patio containers.

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Sakata brand
Sakata brand


Cheerful, colourful, pleasant! That is the pot Gerbera Durora In- & Outdoor®. Recognisable by the In- & Outdoor® label in the shape of a little foot. The Gerbera Durora has been especially developed as outdoor plant. It is capable of withstanding low temperatures and guarantees a long blooming period, so you can enjoy your Gerbera Durora until late autumn.

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When you think summer, you think Sunflowers. The Helianthus Vincent®s are top varieties from breeder Sakata Ornamentals. Vincent®s Sunflowers are special because of their large round petals and the fact that the flower heads stand up straight, as though they look you proudly in the eye! In addition they have striking colours and are very long lasting. For each interior a ray of Sun(flower)light in the house.

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Sakata brand

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