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Sakata celebrates a Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2022 for Zinnia Profusion Red Yellow Bicolour

We are delighted to announced that one of Sakata’s new introductions for 2021/22, Zinnia Profusion Red Yellow Bicolour, has been awarded a Fleuroselect Gold Medal!

Fleuroselect, the International Organisation for Ornamentals, organises annual trials in which new varieties are grown and anonymously assessed by a panel of expert judges. Varieties which excel in performance and demonstrate breakthrough breeding are eligible for Gold Medal status.

Zinnia Profusion Red Yellow Bicolour

The Fleuroselect judges were blown away by this brand new Zinnia from Sakata. Profusion Red Yellow Bicolour starts the season with flowers with a bold, vibrant red centre ring surrounded by golden yellow outer petals. As the season progresses, the aging flowers develop into soft, beautiful shades of apricot, salmon, and dusty rose bringing a wealth of colour to the garden, all from one variety! The judges also prized the floriferous and compact habit of plant and noted how well the plant continued to bloom new flowers over old throughout the whole summer, so there was constant beauty presented by Profusion Red Yellow Bicolour.

Like the rest of the Profusion series, Red Yellow Bicolour is a variety with superior garden performance for flower beds. The variety can be utilized in a wide range of applications, from home gardening to large-scale operations such as flower beds in parks and public spaces and even theme parks.

The Profusion series

The Profusion series of Zinnias has received praise and awards since the creation of the world’s first commercialized interspecific Zinnia variety back in 1999. The series combines the beauty of flowers and ease of growing, in addition to remarkable disease tolerance, and it has greatly increased the usability of Zinnia as a garden and landscape flower. Sakata continues to develop and innovate with this series, and Profusion Red Yellow Bicolour is no less than the fifth variety in the series to have been awarded the prestigious Fleuroselect Gold Medal for breakthrough breeding!

Not only European judges were impressed by Profusion Red Yellow Bicolour. In the All American Selections trials, this variety scored not only an AAS Award, but the additional status of AAS Gold Medal, an accolade for exceptional excellence that had not been given since 2004!

Sakata Ornamentals EMEA’s Sales Manager Menno Straver commented ‘we are thrilled that the hard work and passion of the Sakata Breeders and Product Teams has culminated in such success. We are proud to continue the legacy of quality and innovation with the introduction of Zinnia Profusion Red Yellow Bicolour, which we know will delight our customers and their customers throughout the chain!’

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