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Sakata releases Primula’s newest generation with the Dania and Danique series

Recent breeding developments have enabled Sakata to take their Primula range to the next level. The introduction of the new mid-early Danique series, just after the recently introduced early Dania series, should set a new standard in the Primula segment.


“Dania is uniform series with less cold requirements than other leading series, making it ideal for the early market flowering November – February. Natural compactness means fewer PGRs are required, an important sustainable attribute in today’s environment. Superior seed quality gives excellent seeding vigor, resulting in strong, compact plants with nicely shaped flowers in bright colors. The showy flowers, real eye-catchers at retail, are ideal for pack and 9-10.5 cm pots. The Dania series is available in 8 colors.”


Danique inherits the genetic qualities of the Danova series and raises. Genetic compactness and fewer PGR requirements are key attributes of this series, programmable from December – February and therefore tailored to the mid-early segment. “Designed to meet future market requirements, Danique genetics have excellent characteristics across all features, including seed quality and seedling vigour. The brightly coloured flowers, available in 9 colours, are beautifully shaped, on a compact but strong plant. Ideal for pack and 9-10,5 cm pots. Danique series is available in 9 colours.”

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