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Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus in the spotlight in an all-new website

Lisianthus has enjoyed an enormous growth in popularity in recent times. This authentical natural beauty stands as a symbol for appreciation, gratitude and charm. Proving that there is also strength in beauty, Lisianthus is a long-lasting top performer in the vase and a firm favourite of florists, arrangers and consumers. Available in an incredible range of colours and types, there is definitely a Lisianthus for everyone.

All-new website!

The beauty, the style and the amazing assortment of Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus is captured in a completely new, totally upgraded website, In this website you will find all Sakata’s top series, such as Rosita®, Alissa, Piccolo® en Rosanne.  There is also cultural advice, the latest news and events in the world of Lisianthus and lots of design inspiration, all presented in a style that complements the luxury and beauty of our favourite cut flower. There is also a photo gallery with gorgeous images, available for download on request.

Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus

Sakata is an independent breeder of premium flowers and plants from seed and cuttings, with more than 100 years’ experience. Over the years, Sakata’s developments in Lisianthus have taken this crop from a seasonal cut flower to a true year-round classic. Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus are ideally suited for celebrations and events in every season throughout the year.

In the current times, where physical contact is limited and spirits can be low, sharing beauty with each other is more important than ever. As it is not possible currently to show our assortment at live events, we hope that this new website will offer a safe and beautiful alternative. Take a look, admire the beauty and be inspired!

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