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SunPatiens® featuring at Hortivation, Hall 13 the Family Garden

Sakata Ornamentals takes part in the new Hortivation experience the ‘Family Garden’. Time efficiency and sustainability will form the central theme of this innovation show. Impatiens SunPatiens® will feature in this hotspot located in Hall 13 and fits the theme perfectly as these remarkable plants represent a breeding breakthrough: they thrive in full sun or part shade and deliver continuous colour from spring, all through summer and right up to the first harsh frosts of winter.

Unaffected by Downey Mildew, SunPatiens® are an excellent alternative to other summer bedding plants, offering non-stop colour and robust coverage in full sun or semi-shaded areas! Water is all you need for a non-stop display.

Easy to grow, easy to plant

Landscapers love SunPatiens® too. Besides their excellent performance they are easy to grow, easy to plant, economical and low maintenance in use and also contribute to a healthy environment. Research has showed that SunPatiens® absorbs nitrogen dioxide 3 till 4 times better than the average plants, planting SunPatiens® can therefore have air purification benefits. Research also demonstrates their cooling effect of the surface with an average of around 3.0–4.5 Co, a beautiful tool to combat urban heating.

And last but not least; did you know that for every SunPatiens® sold, Sakata gives back to their roots in Indonesia?

About SunPatiens®

SunPatiens® offered by Sakata Seed Corporation was developed in line with the principles of Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD), in collaboration with the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) for access to its native resources. SunPatiens® uses the breeding material of Indonesia’s native species of Impatiens.

SunPatiens® has grown to be recognized worldwide as one of the best performing flowering annuals in its category, especially in Japan, Europe and North and South America. Part of the revenue generated from sales of the product is being allocated based on the agreement for Access and Benefit-Sharing for utilization of genetic resources. Sakata pays a share of the SunPatiens® royalty proceeds to the Indonesian government and, in addition, performs technology transfer as a non-monetary benefit sharing. Growing, selling or buying SunPatiens® means that you are giving back to nature.

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