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SunPatiens® Supports ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, is not only a friendly place to see animals but is also a gorgeous botanical hotspot right in the middle of the city! It is ‘the place to be’ for modern themes relating to the relationship between mankind and nature. ARTIS’ mission, to inspire and encourage a broad public to deal with nature responsibly, is a perfect match with ‘SunPatiens®’ – both contribute in their own ways to the conservation of biodiversity.


SunPatiens® has been giving back to nature since the early 2000s, when Sakata Seed Corporation, the breeder of SunPatiens®, reached an agreement with the Indonesian Government (IAARD) in relation to the botanical species of Impatiens from which SunPatiens® is partly derived. SunPatiens® is a unique hybrid Impatiens which, in contrast to standard ‘Bizzy Lizzies’, thrive in full sun and keep flowering three seasons long! The plants are resistant to downy mildew – a common enemy of Impatiens – and also easy-care, all they need is water to create a wonderful flowering show!

Giving back to nature

The agreement that was reached between Sakata and Indonesia was a forerunner of the current Nagoya Protocol. This protocol determines rights and obligations for the countries that signed it. This means that for every SunPatiens® plant that is sold, a contribution is made to Indonesia for local research into the maintenance of the biodiversity in that country. When you buy SunPatiens®, you give back to nature.

Air Purifying

An outstanding side-effect is that SunPatiens® is beneficial for its immediate surroundings. Independent research has proved that SunPatiens® absorbs nitrogen dioxide 3 to 4 times better than the average plant. Planting SunPatiens® can therefore contribute to air purification. In countries with a warm climate, it has even been demonstrated that SunPatiens® can contribute to air cooling.

SunPatiens in ARTIS

With SunPatiens®, ARTIS adds a new plant species to the park, the SunPatiens® can be admired in various sunny spots in the zoo this year. In addition, breeder SAKATA supports ARTIS’ mission by adopting the Minangkabause house and an anoa. Naturally, both the beautifully authentic house and the little dwarf buffalo both originate from Indonesia! Make sure to stop by at Sakata’s FlowerTrials and you might even win free entrance tickets to ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo.

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