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The Vikings Landed at Sakata FlowerTrials!

‘Week 24’, in the middle of June, is the week that the international ornamentals world is focused on The Netherlands. This is the week of ‘FlowerTrials’, in which more than 60 breeding companies present their assortments and new varieties. Sakata hosts our FlowerTrials in the Westland region.

Begonia Viking introduction

This year, Begonia Viking was the main introduction and nobody could miss it! A 3-meter-high sign outside announced ‘The Vikings have Landed’, and around the sign there was a sea of Viking Red on Chocolate. Inside, visitors entered the trials by walking through a real Viking Ship, lined with beautiful Viking Pink on Green.  Once inside, visitors were welcomed with another sea of Viking Begonias, with a background of a Viking Ship sailing the waves. The full assortment of Green, Bronze and unique Chocolate leafed Vikings was on display, with lots of fun attributes like cut-outs and accessories so that our visitors could make adventurous souvenir photos!

No visitor to Sakata could miss the introduction of Viking, and there were more visitors to Sakata’s FlowerTrials than ever before. In case you did not had the opportunity to visit FlowerTrials, click here.

Sunpatiens was a major feature

Of course, there was more to see than Begonia Viking! As always, SunPatiens was a major feature, with a large flower bed outside planted with Vigorous SunPatiens, new introductions on display inside, and a retail corner where there was also special attention for SunPatiens’ project with ARTIS Amsterdam Zoo, where we demonstrate to the public not only the beauty of SunPatiens, but also the environmental benefits, and tell the story of Sakata’s relationship with Indonesia and the IAARD, and our contribution to the biodiversity in that country.

Petchoa BeautiCal

Another feature was Petchoa BeautiCal! The spectacular beauty of the special BeautiCal colours impressed the judges in a new competition organised by the leading Dutch TV gardening programme. They visited each of the 30 FlowerTrials locations and nominated the 3 most special plants at each. Of the 90 nominations, BeautiCal Caramel Yellow was chosen as the No. 1 winner, and won a prize of promotion in the TV show and online. The prize ceremony was recorded at Sakata’s FlowerTrials and will be broadcast on TV in late August.

No FlowerTrials without Lisianthus

Even though FlowerTrials is a pot and bedding plant event, no Sakata event would be complete without Lisianthus, and we had a special display of our Lisianthus brands and several other cut flower series, including a florist who came in on 2 days to make ‘live’ arrangements and bouquets to delight the guests.

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