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Zinnia Profusion Red wins Fleuroselect Gold Medal

The first true Red in Zinnia x hybrida! Fleuroselect, the international organisation for the ornamentals industry, awarded Zinnia Profusion Red because of its unique striking red flowers are a true breeding breakthrough. Zinnia Profusion Red flowers well above the foliage and has an abundance of bright Red blooms. Profusion Red performs well in the greenhouse, at retail, in containers and in the garden. Highly heat tolerant and disease resistant, Zinnia Profusion Red is an excellent landscape choice!

Zinnia Profusion Red promotion kick-off at IPM

The 2018 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winners were announced to the press at the IPM and therefore of course also on show at the IPM. As part of the kick-off of the Fleuroselect promotion, the Gold Medal Winners were featured on the front page of the TASPO IPM special. Curious? You can read the article online (in German only) or the Fleuroselect press release in multiple languages.

Fleuroselect Gold Medal

Zinnia Profusion Red won a 2018 Fleuroselect Gold Medal, however, seed is available per February 1st, 2017. For more information, please contact your sales contact person.

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